About the QR Code Scanner Online

QR Code was created a long time ago, it has established itself as precious sesame since its use in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. QR code stands for “Quick response code”. It is a two-dimensional barcode, which makes it possible to store digital data.

It presents itself as a kind of complex checkerboard, consisting of small black squares on a white background. This form is not due to chance: it is inspired by the famous Japanese game, go. Indeed, the QR code was created by the Japanese engineer Masahiro Hara, in 1994. Originally, it was used in Toyota’s factories to track spare parts on production lines. it is therefore in Japan that it has become the most popular.

In other countries, the QR code became popular much later. It is only since the early 2010s that its use has become more daily. Today, it is possible to present your train ticket in this way, read the menus of some restaurants, share your Spotify playlist, or have your movie ticket validated.

Why QR Code is so popular?

Its format has many advantages. First of all, the QR code has the merit of being extremely easy to use. Not only available in digital format but also on a sheet of paper. Its use only requires a device with a camera without any additional actions.

According to the American site Gizmodo, the QR code can contain 100 times more information than a simple barcode. It, therefore, makes it possible to store all kinds of data. Another quality of the QR code is its inviolability. Thanks to its format, it is impossible to literally “hack” a QR code: it would then be necessary to alter the location of the small squares that constitute it. Technically, this is not feasible.

How to retrieve information from a QR code?
A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode, which makes it possible to store digital data, such as a URL, a phone number, a text message, or a picture. There are several ways to read a QR code, online-qr-scanner.net provides a free QR code scanner with these scan methods:

- Scanning a QR code with a camera: This is the easiest way to read a QR code, you just need to point your camera at the QR code, and it will be automatically read.
- Scanning a QR code from a picture: This is the most common way to read a QR code, you can take a picture of the QR code and scan it by uploading to the scanner.
- Scanning a QR code from clipboard: Sometime you don’t have a camera, but you have a clipboard. You can scan a QR code from your clipboard by pasting into the scanner.